Fabien Degryse - GUITARISTE DE JAZZ - TRIO DE JAZZ - Braine l'Alleud

Fabien Degryse - GUITARISTE DE JAZZ - TRIO DE JAZZ - Braine l'Alleud

Fabien Degryse - GUITARISTE DE JAZZ - TRIO DE JAZZ - Braine l'Alleud

  • Braine L'alleud Belgique

A trip into"The Heart of the Acoustic Guitar"
Would you imagine going to listen to a jazz concert and the concert hall is a big huge ... acoustic guitar ! You get into the guitar, have a seat on some beam on the ground, and get completely surrounded by the sound of the guitar.
Every wood wall reflects the sound from the enormous set of strings, up there, to your ears, from the front, the sides, the back and even the ground and the ceiling ! You are into the sound !
This is what Fabien Degryse invites you to experiment in this serie of CD's. With the sensitive support of great upright bass player Bart De Nolf and effective drumming of Bruno Castellucci, he leads you into his guitar sounds as if you were inside !
Do you like jazzguitar ? Then you'll recognize the approach of improvisation of masters like Django Reinhard, Wes Montgomery or Joe Pass in Fabien's playing, and of modern guitarists like Bill Frisell, John Scofield or Pat Metheny when he plays the nylon-string guitar.
Are you a fingerpicking fan ? Then you'll love his guitar sound, inspired by masters like Chet Atkins and Tommy Emmanuel.
Do you simply love good music ? Give it then a try !


Guitare (Instruments), Jazz (Groupe de Musique), Guitare (Concertiste), Musiciens Jazz (Musique pour les cocktails)

Rayon d'action

Le prestataire se déplace dans un rayon de 250 kilomètres autour de Braine L'alleud.

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