Moving Hands Theatre

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Moving Hands Theatre

Moving Hands Theatre

Isibane Drama Group

This production deals with HIV/AIDS and tells the story of 12 year old Vuyo, a hero with a big dream. He is the best singer in his choir and when he grows up he wants to be a choir master, perh...

Hotel accommodation

Manor on the Bay Guest House - Cape Town

Manor on the Bay is situated in Gordon’s Bay,    one of South Africa’s top tourist destinations.It was built in 1862 and later served as the summer residence for the Sir Alfred Beit-family.  Schalk...

Somerton Manor Guesthouse - CAPE TOWN

Set in a large, tranquil country garden with a winding mountain stream. Relax around the delightful, heated-swimming pool area with Jacuzzi, sauna, and fully equipped gymnasium. Enjoy fine wine fro...


Shuttle Excellence - CAPE TOWN - SOUTH AFRICA

ABOUT SHUTTLE EXCELLENCE CCWe had humble beginnings in 1996.Our country was heading into a new era and with new government taking the reins, it was the beginning of many new changes to come.The tou...


LifeTime Productions - Cape Town

Lifetime Productions is a professional audiovisual company. Here we believe that every picture has a story to tell. By using your existing printed photos as well as any digital images and/or video ...

K.I.A.T - Afro - Folk - Rock Musicians - Cape Town

K.I.A.T is a 4 man band and play their music on mbira, marimba, djembe, acoustic guitar and vocals. The style of their music is Afro - Folk Rock which is a fusion of traditional African rhythms wit...

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