Cape town, Afrique du Sud

Isibane Drama Group

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This production deals with HIV/AIDS and tells the story of 12 year old
Vuyo, a hero with a big dream. He is the best singer in his choir and
when he grows up he wants to be a choir master, perhaps even lead his
own choir to participate in national competitions. Vuyo has a obstacle
between him and his goals – his father is very sick. With homework and
the extra responsibilities of caring for his father, he has no time to
attend choir practice. He deals with the teasing and bullying of other
children when they find out that his father is HIV positive. To reach
his goal he will have to conquer a monster (iRhamncwa), a
personification of fear and shame about HIV/AIDS. The story is about
resilience, courage and determination, about not giving up and striving
for a dream.

Rayon d'action

Le prestataire se déplace dans un rayon de 250 kilomètres autour de Cape Town.

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