Inna Crisis

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The seven members of the group share influences from around the globe, as diverse as jazz, pop-rock, the Mandingo, latin and metal. This mix of cultures has created an approach which is both open-minded and respectful of the various sources, while ensuring that the music stays tuneful and memorable.

Inna Crisis are neither revolutionaries nor Roots Radicals. They did not want to be a second class version of Jamaican originals. To them Reggae is a musical genre to communicate happiness and hope using English styles, without the direct political and religious overtones that are synonymous with the Caribbean original, yet richer and more complex in style and arrangement.

Despite the ubiquitous pop compositions and sounds of the very charismatic singer Mark Kelly, reflecting his Manchester roots, the reggae of Inna Crisis remains in touch with its genre. No dreadlocks or sermons from these boys, just the musicality of Reggae rhythms.

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