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It is a traditional New Orleans Jazz-band featuring a washboard, based in the cellar of Lyon's oldest jazz club, the Hotclub...
It is an explosive mixture of traditional jazz, served with wit, humour and dynamism...
It is a completely crazy combination of minds creating amazing interpretations of the most respected of repertoires : Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong, Jelly "Roll" Morton and Co...
Pic'Pulses is five jovial, warm-hearted musicians, close to their audience to whom they offer swing music played in the tradition of Louisiana's 20s and 30s : this good old New Orleans Jazz to which crowds used to dance on both sides of the Mississippi River...
But first of all, it is the story of five friends who really are in full swing !!!

clarinet, soprano saxophone and vocals
Thibaut Cablé was taught classical music in Lyon’s Academy of Music. He is also a fully qualified teacher and has passed a Master in musicology on the relations between Jazz and classical music. As such, he claims with passion the right of choosing what pieces to play in a gig, which annoys the rest of the band who often have to follow him in extreme divagations… Like Obelix who fell into magic potion, he fell as a kid in the “New Orleans Cauldron” and soon co-founded PIC’PULSES with Jibé Salé. He is known as the brain of the operation, which logically makes him the undisputed Boss of the orchestra.

trombone and vocals
Sébastien Arapian joined the band in December 2006, and it certainly was the best Christmas present PIC’PULSES could have hoped for. Just look at the package: the trombone is roaring, surely Seb’ knows his business! A good ole sonorous sound, an incredible technique and inspired choruses are the trade mark of the fellow who perfectly found his place in the quintet’s esthetics. He loves it and we can tell: he was a revelation for the band! Kid Ory’s nostalgic fans will appreciate and ask for more, again and again… This incredible instrumental technique has undoubtedly made him the matchless Boss of the orchestra.

banjo, ukulele and vocals
Coming from Montluçon, where he met Thibaut in High School, “Jibé” Salé was more predestined to teach classical guitar and play in blues-rock bands than to play New Orleans jazz on the banjo… But, undoubtly, the odds were wrong! Jibé has proved to be a passionate of the Old Style, and has learned from each of the prestigious acquaintances of the band how to develop a strong instrumental identity and become a valuable supportive player. Co-founder of PIC’PULSES with Thibaut, Jibé is also the crooner of the Jazz band. It is true that this English teacher loves to use the Queen’s English to interpret our beloved standards impeccably. As a virtuoso of voicings, he harmonizes the orchestra with delicacy… Unquestionably, he has imposed himself as the Boss of the Jazz band.

string bass and vocals
Very young, Henry Lemaire discovered the truth of Swing music and traditional Jazz: for the best! Sober (not always though…) and efficient (always for that matter), his constant search for the best possible harmony and his exploding slap playing are the base of the quintet, for the greatest pleasure of the ears. Henry joined the band at the occasion of our last recording (I lost Yolande from Lyon). Since then, we do our best for him to remain as snug as a bug so as to prevent him from leaving us. Thanks Henry! There is no denying that he is unquestionably among the best musicians of this style in France and that he plays internationally for the greatest as upright bass or banjo player (yes, the man is also a very gifted banjo player…) Swing on Granddad!!! At 90 years old, he has, of course, become the revered Boss of the Jazz band.

washboard and vocals
The youngest member of the band, Julien Limonne, joined the band in January 2007. He is the son of the trombonist of Captain Flapscat, a well-known New Orleans Jazz-band in Lyon, and he has inherited his father’s passion. Hilarious behind his washboard or his drums, endowed with a very striking technique and musical sense, Julien offers his overwhelming energy to the Jazz-band. The musician has developed his own peculiar way to play his instrument, far beyond sheer rhythm. Undoubtedly, you will be under his charms (beware gals ;-)! He represents the perfect symbiosis between originality and virtuosity, and because he has attained this delicate equilibrium, he has imposed himself as the inimitable Boss of the Jazz-band.

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