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Aditi Niranjan is taken from the Sanskrit, meaning infinite purity and symbolizing the joining of male and female. It also alludes to the deity of Mother Earth and her perfection of creation. We chose this name as it reflects our commitment to the artistic traditions of Bali which have been heavily influenced by numerous global communities, dating back to the Hindu traditions of India by way of Java, and more recently by the international confluence of artists residing in Bali.

As we specialize in wedding photography, the name Aditi Niranjan also respects the eternal nature of love found in marital harmony throughout the www.*******.***ti Niranjan aims to provide couples, families and companies with the best possible artistic portraits and portfolios. We believe that friendship and common understanding are the keys to the creation of beautiful images. With that in mind, we strive to develop relationships before we develop negatives.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create a light-hearted atmosphere in which to shoot and to ensure that our clients enjoy the experience as much as they cherish the images we create for years to www.*******.***i Photography:Bali, Indonesia is well known as the island of the Gods and provides a myriad of opportunities for our photographers. We spend our free time shooting this magical island creating Bali photographic images which offer special insight and perspective. Bali’s landscape, culture and people are captured in timeless images. We have a wealth of Bali stock photo images and can be commissioned to shoot throughout the island and the Indonesian archipelago.

Our photographers freeze Bali and Indonesia in their lenses, preserving ancient traditions and recording emerging trends. The paradise island of Bali offers couples fantastic opportunities and choices for weddings. The Balinese are wonderful hosts and your wedding in Bali is sure to fulfill all of your dreams. Our Bali photographers can help you capture every moment of your wedding day. At a chapel overlooking a cliff, on the beach, in a rice field, whatever your location and wedding theme, our photographers will provide you with the best images from your wedding day. Prewedding photo tours are a wonderful way to preserve your love.

These tours are a fantastic way to see more of Bali and have a truly wonderful time capturing moments you will cherish for years to come. Bali’s rich diversity of  landscapes provides endless choices and our photographers’ local knowledge ensures that you will be offered the best sites. Our selection of pre or post wedding tours fits into any budget or holiday.

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