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Franz Waldeck Stalker
Music Producer/Beatmaker/DJ
Resident DJ- 2016 - 2017 La Boheme (FR)
2017 - 2018 CheckpointBMW-(FR)
Since 2015 FWRecords Mexico City Podcasts
Labels: Тарковский (Czech Republic)**** Horus Music Ltd. (U.K.)**** The Orchard (USA)
Start Track EP, Europa (albums) & singles available on most of worldwide music stores & streaming platforms.
His production has over 200 000 000 downloads in Central and South America and California (so, he www.*******.***t popular Czech electronic music producer on the world, in this moment). The singles 128BPM & Club Collaboration are supported and played by american dj and publisher Manu Miran.


Techno-House-Minimal-PsyTrance-Melbourne Bounce

FESTIVALS: Fete de la Musique - France 2018, 2017 (5 & 6hrs Sets)

CLUBS: La Boheme, CheckpointBMW (FR), Beckleck (LUX) /a.k.a Cracken! 2007-2008/

PODCASTS & LIVES: Diagnosis: Techno & Internationality by FWRecords Mexico City, Live&Loud Underground//Live&Loud Electro- Stalker's official podcasts....Sets from live events, shows and podcasts are available for streaming on Mixcloud and lot of them were or/and are placed in Top100/Top50 on Mixcloud charts...


LIVE SHOWS - "the otherside of his artistic personality" - live is so different from his own production - (he prefers highly underground music for live events, while his production is commercial house and clubbing edm)

Techno-House-Minimal-PsyTrance-Melbourne Bounce

For last 3 years he was the resident dj in his own establishments La Boheme Music Pub and CheckpointBMW in South of France, but last year he took a decision to stop his gastronomy/beverage/entrainment bussiness activities and get his full time to follow his childhood dream....His first contact with electronic music was in age of 9y.o.- with famous virtual synth Re-Birth and like he says "When the others were happy to spend their school holidays by playing Mortal Kombat or Prince of Persia, I was happy for playing with my cousin's Re-birth while my holidays in Poland..." Influenced in techno and electronic music since his first visit of Mayday in Katowice (PL) in the end of 90's - fascinated by live preformance of Monika Kruse, Chris Liebing or DJ Rush.

He came from artistic family, Stalker's own name of family is Tarkowski (Тарковский)......
He has specifical and strongly developed artistic feelings, sometimes maybe little bit strange, but it's burned into his genetics by his ancestors, artists - for example such like Tamara Lempicka......

P.S. The success of his production (Sells on iTunes or Amazon etc.) IS NOT IMPORTANT for him, He wants to make and enjoy live events in clubs and festivals, because HE WANTS MAKE A MUSIC - NOT A MONEY and because HE WANTS TO ENJOY THE PEOPLE - NOT HIS OWN EGO!!! (his ego is yet allready enjoyed :-))


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Perpignan, France

En un coup d'oeil !

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Localisation Perpignan - France
Département Pyrenees Orientales, Languedoc-Roussillon
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