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Lake Toba ( Danu Toba )  is the largest volcanic lake in the world and is in Sumatra, Indonesia. Samosir island within the lake is an island within the island of Sumatra. Lake Toba is an immense volcanic lake covering an area of 1,707 km² (1,000 km² bigger than Singapore) with an island in its center. Formed by a gigantic volcanic eruption some 70,000 years ago, it is probably the largest resurgent caldera on Earth. Some studies say it might have been associated with causing previous ice age/climate change and the largest human population bottleneck ever. Genetic estimates suggests that there were only a few thousand individuals that survived its catastrophic www.*******.*** island in the middle - Pulau Samosir - was joined to the caldera wall by a narrow isthmus, which was cut through to enable boats to pass, a road bridge crosses the cutting. Samosir island is the cultural centre of the Batak tribe who are now mostly Christians. Lake Toba was perhaps once more popular than it is nowadays, but for many it remains a firm fixture on the Banana Pancake Trail. It is a great laid back place to chill out for a few days after jungle trekking and so on. The location is very popular with Chinese tourists around Chinese New Year, when availability drops dramatically and accommodation costs sky rocket. To get in this place you can go by car, bus, train, ferry, air and hire private vehicle.
Most visitors fly to Medan Kuala Namu International Airport and then travel on wards by land to Parapat, the town by Lake Toba. Parapat is about 4 hr by car from Medan or 4-6 hr by public bus. A lot of the information on this page relates to getting to Toba from Polonia airport which is now closed to all flights, so this information is outdated and should not be relied upon. You can also go from Berastagi orBukit Lawang to Parapat.
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